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Will Honor be blacklisted in the United States?

Many U.S. Republicans are demanding that Chinese smartphone maker Honor and Hawaii be blacklisted.

Summarize the essentials

  • Republican US MP to impose sanctions on cell phone maker Honor
  • Reason: By outsourcing Hawaii, the company is violating US sanctions already imposed.

Fourteen Republican MPs called on the U.S. Department of Commerce last Friday Smartphone manufacturer Blacklist Respect. The Chinese cell phone giant is already in it Huawei.

The blacklist bans American companies from working Huawei. This is the cause of allegations that have not yet been proven Huawei To the Chinese Government Spy. .

Up to Sale In November 2020, Honor was still a subsidiary of Hawaii. The justification for the Republicans’ demand: The company’s rotation was carried out only to counter US sanctions Huawei To escape. Has them with respect Government But China is getting American technologies back.

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