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Börse Express - Benefits of CBD oil and cannabidiol for German users

Börse Express – Benefits of CBD oil and cannabidiol for German users

You can also use the best European CBD products legally in Germany, where any CBD oil, flower or weed less than 0.2% THC is legal.

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is one of more than 100 chemical compounds (called hemp) found in the hemp plant.

Is hemp CBD intoxicating?

CBD is not intoxicating. It is THC from the hemp plant that is poisoning in large quantities.

Is CBD oil legal?

Yes, this is allowed in Germany, as the THC content is below the statutory limit of 0.2%.

What are the effects and side effects of CBD oil?

Organic hemp oils for CBD have a relaxing effect.

About side effects? Some people are tired of the rest. We’ve also heard that CBD oil can alter the appetite to some degree.

Does CBD oil have any healing properties?

Several scientific studies demonstrate the therapeutic potential of cannabis in CBD. You can find some articles and blogs about CBD in Science online.

Can I drive after using CBD?

German doctors recommend against participating in road traffic after consuming CBD.

  • The reason: CBD has a calming and relaxing effect and leads to a low concentration in some people.

I am pregnant. Is CBD good for me?

CBD is considered very safe. Only pregnant women should not use CBD supplements as it can affect the functioning of the placenta.

But CBD products are also great for pets …

Can I give CBD oil to my dog?

Many dog ​​owners like to use CBD oil on their dogs. CBD oil is generally used for chronic inflammation, anxiety, and pain.

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CBD oil is now used with success by many people to the point that more and more dog owners want to know how to use CBD oil on their dogs.

Despite the wide use of CBD, research into the effects and properties of the oil is still in its infancy. However, preliminary studies indicate promising potential uses, for example in anxiety, cancer, and painful joint diseases such as osteoporosis or arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, and more generally in chronic inflammatory diseases.

CBD oil for pain and CBD oil for anxiety

Many of these complaints also occur in dogs. Nowadays, many dog ​​owners are wondering if it is possible to use CBD oil on their four-legged friends and if so, what is the dosage and concentration.

Veterinary medicine offers few solutions like human medicine, especially for painful joint diseases of old age.

It would be helpful if you gave your dog anti-inflammatory medications that are not rich in side effects. He often suffers from gastrointestinal complaints, which in turn requires taking new drugs that are also rich in side effects, so that one always vacillates between different evils.

In many cases, CBD oil can relieve symptoms without any side effects.

Many dogs also suffer from a variety of anxiety states, whether it is during fireworks, before driving, or because they have gone through traumatic experiences and need to be overcome again. Here too, CBD oil can be used due to its mood-boosting and anti-anxiety properties.

In the same way, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD oil can be used to help many other chronic and / or inflammatory conditions to improve well-being.

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Is CBD oil approved for pets?

Of course, there have been special CBD oil products for dogs (or for cats and horses) on the market for a long time.

However, there is currently no approval as a feed additive for these products in the European Union, so CBD oil is often used only for “care”, i. H. Offer is for outdoor use or advertised accordingly.

However, a survey of veterinarians found that patient owners are now asking 50% about using CBD oil on dogs or cats.

Thus, it is not easy for veterinarians to discuss the problem with patient owners because they are either not familiar with the use of CBD oil or face unpleasant consequences if they recommend it because it is not a medicinal product.

Based on the studies available to date and reports of available experience, it can now be well assessed to what extent CBD oil can be used well for dogs and pets.