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ATX Slight Rise in Before Trading Hours – DAX Expects Minor Move – Asia Stock Exchanges Win | 04/19/21

The Vienna stock market is expected to show slight gains on Monday. On the other hand, the German benchmark is unlikely to move much at first. Markets in the Far East feature an additional fee on Monday.


The mood in the Vienna stock market is likely to remain positive on Monday.

The ATX It rises before the IPO.

Good specs from the US and Asia should stimulate trade in Austria on Monday. In the past week, several indices shone in the USA and Germany with new highs. Also this week, it appears that investor sentiment remains good for the time being.


Investors in Germany are likely to adopt a wait-and-see stance on Monday.

The Dax It moves slightly before trading.

Investors are currently focused entirely on the opportunities of the post-pandemic economy. Stock markets around the world are booming. In the US, the most important indicators also set records on Friday. In Asia, the mood at the start of the week was positive, with the exception of India, where high numbers of infections drove prices down.

Wall Street

On Wall Street, optimists continued to dominate the movement ahead of the weekend.

The Dow Jones It rose by 0.48 percent to 34,200.67 points, thus setting a new record. Technology Value Index Nasdaq composite Most of it was in the red, reaching the profit zone at the end of the session and making a daily gain of 0.1 percent at 14,052.34 points.

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Despite the rise in prices in recent weeks and months, experts still see the possibility of a rise. “With the economy reopening faster in the coming months, we believe the bull market will continue to stand on solid foundations,” wrote chief investment officer Mark Hefel.

After two rounds of stimulus from the US government and thanks to the continued progress in vaccinations against the Corona virus, according to the expert, there is increasing evidence that economic activity in the United States is recovering again. In addition, the cost pressure on firms is to a large extent only temporary in nature and can be compensated for through sales growth.

With the quarterly reports, Morgan Stanley has been the focus.

The economy is not only making progress in the United States. The Chinese economy made a big jump in growth in the first quarter – economists were hoping for more. The same applies to industrial production in China. In light of very high ratings, data of any kind should justify this, traders caution.


Stocks in Asia posted profits on the first trading day of the week.

Leading Japanese index Nikki Currently (7.16 a.m. CET), an increase of 0.2 percent to 29,743.18 points. Japanese trade is sending positive signals, as experts rose more clearly in March than expected.

On the Chinese mainland, things get worse for Shanghai boat More noticeably slightly higher, with a premium of 1.3 percent, it is listed at 3,471.17 points. The Hang Seng More stable and currently rallying 0.8 percent to 29,201.88 points.

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On Monday, new record levels in the US boosted Asian bourses. However, merchants are also talking about an overall positive reporting period for the companies. Concerns about another increase in market interest rates are also disappearing to some extent. Traders expect lower interest rates in the short term to the market in the medium term. Thus corporate refinancing remains beneficial. However, the US dollar is strengthening against most of the local currencies, which traders interpret as a sign of a certain degree of caution in the financial market. And they say the yen’s rise is also proportional to the picture. / APA / Dow Jones Newswires / dpa-AFX

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