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Börse Express – Cisco with more sales and profits

Börse Express – Cisco with more sales and profits

SAN JOSE (dpa-AFX) – Cisco Network Resource Increased sales and profits in the last quarter. The US company reported a six percent increase in sales to $12.7 billion for the second quarter ending in January. In sum, profits rose 17 percent year-on-year to $3 billion (€2.64 billion).

The quarterly numbers and expectations for the current quarter were higher than analysts’ expectations, and the stock rose about five percent in after-hours trading in the United States on Wednesday.

There was particularly strong growth in the division with fiber-optic and 5G network technology, among others, with sales jumping 42 percent year-over-year to about $1.3 billion. In the largest business field, which provides technology to data centers, sales increased seven percent to $5.9 billion.

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