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Börse Express – Fraport sells parts of its aviation security subsidiary

Frankfurt (dpa-AFX) – Frankfurt Fraport Airport operator
AG is ceding its stake in its subsidiary FraSec Luftsicherheit GmbH to a private competitor. Dr. At the turn of the year, Munich’s Sasse AG will initially acquire 26 percent of the company that has so far implemented passenger controls at Germany’s largest airport and in Stuttgart. In early 2022/23, another 25 percent should follow, for Sassi to become majority owner, both sides announced Friday.

The planned partial sale prepares for new passenger monitoring tenders starting in 2023. At this time, Fraport AG will take charge of the special control service providers from the Federal Police. Orders cannot be given to a wholly owned subsidiary, so that the strategic partner is now the majority owner. FraSec Luftsicherheit GmbH currently has around 1,500 employees. Antitrust review of the deal is still pending.

Sasse AG with more than 6,500 employees represented at Frankfurt Airport on cleaning orders, but has not implemented any air security checks yet. According to board member Pierre-Dominique Brum, Fraport AG aims to collaborate with three service providers likely through a tender. The form is the airport in Amsterdam./ceb/DP/stk

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