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The kid is said to have bought the Tesla software for $10,000

The kid is said to have bought the Tesla software for $10,000

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The Tesla owner claims her 10-month-old son mistakenly bought Tesla’s “complete self-driving” driver assistance software through a Tesla app. However, she only noticed the purchase when she looked at her bank statements at the end of the month, according to the mom.

After Tesla paid off purchases made in error just 48 hours after purchase, it now has to live with its “full self-driving” system for better or worse.

Anyway, the TikTok video in which I reported this went viral, Newsweek reports.

The woman in the video criticized the lack of security measures preventing such purchases. However, the video also caused a lot of ridicule. “Just blame the baby,” she said. Or: “They say children are expensive. Is that what they mean?”

Doubts about the Tesla driver’s comments were also high. She said banks usually request or require additional validation for such amounts.

Not the first time

This isn’t the first time that software upgrades have been accidentally purchased through the Tesla app, though. berichtet Teslarati. A case last year caused a sensation as a Tesla owner sat on his smartphone leading to the purchase.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded by offering a 48-hour period to reverse such purchases.

Tesla only recently introduced a “fully self-driving” package. With the expanded driver assistance system, cars can stop themselves, for example, and also recognize stop signs and the colors of traffic lights. Since then, many videos posted on YouTube have appeared What is possible with her or. impossible he is. As with autopilot, the full attention of the driver is essential.

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