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BostonDynamics 2022 New Warehouse Robot Sold Out

BostonDynamics 2022 New Warehouse Robot Sold Out

Boston Dynamics Sale starts this week stretchThis expandable warehouse robot is designed for distribution centers and warehouses. Stretch has not been in the spotlight by the media like the most famous place, but it is very important to the company.

In 2021, Stretch was tested with several customers in warehouses. Many companies immediately ordered it and thanks to great demand it was already sold out throughout 2022, like this The company announced. All units planned for this year are scheduled according to Boston Dynamics. Customers who will rely on the extension in the future are DHL, H&M and Performance Team – a Maersk company.

DHL has robots that extend up to 15 million dollars Ordered in its USA warehouse, Boston Dynamics has been taking orders for years 2023 and 2024 Against, as the company announced.

What can you do stretching

Stretch is a mobile robot that can load containers. They say this would make working in warehouses safer and more efficient. The storage robot can handle many different types and sizes of packages and can hold up to 50 pounds (22 kg) to upload. It can also drive in and out of trucks independently to move pallets in or out.

Extension would make logistics more efficient and predictable, like this Robert BlatterCEO of Boston Dynamics. This is becoming increasingly important, especially in times of supply chain bottlenecks.