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BRAINSTORM: First single + video release from the new album “Wall Of Skulls”!

BRAINSTORM: First single + video release from the new album “Wall Of Skulls”!

BRAINSTORM will present their new album “Wall Of Skulls” to the public on August 20th. While the cover artwork was revealed last week and pre-sales started, today we can enjoy the latest work and debut album, “Escape The Silence”. Dual bass clips, powerful bass lines, grooved guitar clip, and Andy B. Relentless and clearly recognizable Frank, this song makes for an unforgettable, high-pitched, violent and lively hymn! Speaking of singing, we must not forget to mention that a very special guest was allowed to immortalize himself on the album with the singing traces.

For the first time the band worked with guest singers. In “Escape The Silence” this legendary Peavy Wagner from Rage.

Peavy comments on his contribution: “A super cool song with a great video and I’m honored to be part of this album. What a great song and a big number!”

Watch the “Escape The Silence” video here:

Anyone listening to BRAINSTORM’s new album “Wall Of Skulls” immediately feels how much the band surrounding singer Andy B. Franck has benefited from the previous compelling album “Midnight Ghost” (2018). “Midnight Ghost” was a musical turning point for Power Metal in southern Germany, as the band members took themselves to a higher level of quality and opened new artistic horizons. “Once the album was released, we felt we were preserving perhaps the most important work in the history of brainstorming so far,” Frank explains.

This is exactly where “Wall Of Skulls” comes in and goes beyond that conceptually. Frank talks about “almost superhuman energy that reigned in the training room when the songs were created. In general, this time we put stronger and faster numbers on the album than ever before. It all happened without any pre-calculation or planning, but rather in a natural way. We worked.” Relentlessly on the songs and we did not cross the path we chose halfway. “Walls Of Skulls” is by no means “Midnight Ghost 2.0”, but an additional development that can be clearly identified. “

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