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5 Senses for Love

5 Senses for Love

Perhaps the most pronounced rejection was in 5 senses for love! Actually she had it mine Already with their match Stephan He looks in front of the altar. After all, she was stunned by her ‘feel and taste’ level – even though he actually liked ‘skinny women’. But in the end he wanted it There is no request Act. Do you think I have a problem with her character? Promiflash Follow her.

“I don’t know if it was because of my size and weight.”The 37-year-old explained Promiflash-Question. If that was the case, in their opinion Stefan had come in the wrong way. After all, “5 Senses for Love” doesn’t have to be about looks. You yourself have fully participated in the experience: “I did not want to miss this opportunity to find my happiness in love in a special way.”

She doesn’t hold him against that Stefan doesn’t want to propose to her in the end. “If he doesn’t feel anything while kissing, he is.”Tightened. But in the run-up to that he had given her “big tones” during the talks. In the past, this still seems to bother her a lot.

“5 Senses for Love” every Wednesday at 8:15 pm on Saturday 1 or at Joyn

Stefan and Mine, “5 Senses for Love” nominees
“The Five Senses of Love” – Kindidat Stefan Schmidt
“5 Senses of Love” – Astrologer Candidate
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