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Brass music makes stones vibrate

Brass music makes stones vibrate

Reichberg. There are only a few days left until more than 1,000 musicians can rock the stone giants in the nature park community. The starting signal for the marching competition is Saturday, June 22 at 2:15 pm at the entertainment facility.

“Do wockln de Stoana” is what the official poster for the 2024 Regional Music Festival says, and the hosts will spare no effort to live up to that slogan on June 21 and 22. The Great Brass Music Festival begins with a performance by Junge Zillertaler in the festival tent on the evening of Friday 21 June. The Federal Music Ensemble Terfens puts the audience in a good mood in front of “Juzis”. Entry tickets priced at €13 are still available on Ö-Ticket. The European Football Championship match between Poland and Austria can be watched live on the projection screen from 5pm. Saturday, June 22, will be dedicated to traditional brass music. Conductor Fabian Spiegel leads the Rechberg Traditional Music Ensemble as the first band in the marching classification. Let's go'At 2:15pm at intervals of just a few minutes, a total of 23 bands will present themselves for jury evaluation at the entertainment facility (see article at the bottom of this page for the schedule). The boys' band, the Rechberg Youth Orchestra, will conclude its act at 5:26 p.m. Under the direction of Jana Spiegel, the young musicians are performing in the park at an area music festival for the first time.

The concert following the conclusion of the march promises a wonderful musical experience. All attending musicians will sing Anton Bruckner's Chorale, arranged by Thomas Asanger. Afterwards, traditional music band Bad Kreuzen and Bl:echt Urig will entertain in the festival tent until the results are announced.

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