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Lido Sounds moves to the Urfahraner gallery in Linz

Lido Sounds moves to the Urfahraner gallery in Linz

In just over a week, Lido Sounds (June 27-30) kicks off in Linz with the first Kings of Leon tournament. Construction work at the Orvahran Fairgrounds is going on in full swing – tents, containers and stage elements are being added every day. Everything should be ready by next Wednesday. Residents were informed and the first to receive the free tickets offered to them, said Gernot Kremser of co-organiser Posthof. “As in the previous year, we rely on clear communication.”

At its Lido Sounds premiere, the show was very well received, and many people did not want to miss Florence and the Machine or Die Toten Hosen, among others, available for free this year. “A lot of appreciation goes to us,” explained Kremser, who is responsible for communicating with residents. “The organizers realize that concerts are a burden on others, and residents know that this is not something to be taken for granted.” Free tickets to events at the Brucknerhaus, Posthof or LIVA (Linzer Veranstaltungsgesellschaft mbH) sports parks are also available for Linzer residents living near the fairgrounds. The schedule lets you know when and for how long it will be loud in your area.

Like festival director David Dietrich of organizer Arcadia Live, Kremser praised the great cooperation between all emergency services at All Lido Sounds. “The lifeboats that were used on the Danube River last year because of the Lido Gorge saved the lives of two people — who had nothing to do with the outdoors,” Kremser said. A man fell from a boat into the water, and another appeared to have exerted excessive effort while swimming and clung to the bridge pillar.

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“We learned a lot from the first year,” Dietrich said. There is a new bicycle parking space at Sparkasse's headquarters in Urvar like last year, and music fans will be directed to the main square after the last concert over the Nibelungen Bridge, which is closed to traffic. “We have agreed with Linz Linien to increase the frequency of the trams.” This year there will be gardens for guests in the shade on the staircase path near the Danube River and the second phase will also be outdoors. However, the gate counts the number of people already in the stage area and no one is allowed to pass if the maximum number has already been reached.

The city of Linz has already announced the first outdoor traffic measures. The most obvious is a ban on stopping and parking at the entire Urfahrmarkt site until July 7, as well as a ban on parts of surrounding streets, mostly from June 24, and the diversion of local bike paths during the event. All measures are included in current reports included.

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