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Burgenland honors deserving personalities – Land Burgenland

Burgenland honors deserving personalities – Land Burgenland

Commander’s Cross to Wolfgang Böck, Christian Kolonovits, Posthumous Willi Resetarits, LH aD Hermann Schützenhöfer and Pius Strobl

LH Hans Peter Doskozil honored six dignitaries due for their outstanding achievements in the province of Burgenland today, Friday, in Burg Schlenning. “The personalities honored today have managed to impress with their hard work, amazing intuition and exceptional talent. What the honorees have in common is that they put Burgenland at the center and thus positively shaped the country’s path to success,” Doskozil said in his speech. Wolfgang Puck, Christian Kolonowitz, Willi Resitaretz, LHAD Hermann Schützenhofer and Pius Strobl were posthumously awarded the Commander’s Cross in Burgenland. Dr. Eric Hechtner received the Grand Medal of Honor in Gold.

Commander’s Cross of the State of Burgenland

Wolfgang Puck
Crowd favorite Romy Award-winning Wolfgang Böck today has become known as the angry cult Kieberer Trautmann, who also has a huge passion for vintage bikes and cars. The director of Schloss-Spiele Kobersdorf has been responsible for the artistic direction for 20 years. With an occupancy rate of over 98 per cent and a consistently positive response from visitors and the media, Wolfgang Böck once again managed a very impressive credit last year.

Christian Kolonovets
As an exceptional musician, composer, conductor and representative of Burgenland to the ORF Foundation Board, Christian Kolonowitz is also a representative of the cultural diversity of our homeland. International stars as well as all the local Austropop greats appreciate his virtuoso talent as well as his understanding of orchestral, operatic and symphonic music. On the 100th anniversary of the founding of Burgenland, he formulated the new interpretation of Burgenland. The National Anthem, which was premiered at a gala in Schlaining.

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Willy Recitaris
He is closely associated with Burgenland and embodies the diversity of Burgenland as the unparalleled passionate Burgenland-Croatian, Willi Resitarice, better known as Ostban-Korti, who passed away last year. Willi Resetarits shaped local rock and pop like no other musician. Not only will his music survive, but his civic courage and social commitment will continue to impress for a long time to come. Willi Resetarits was posthumously honored for his life’s work.

LH aD Hermann Schützenhöfer
Styria and Burgenland have always been linked by a special symbiosis, in which the former LH Hermann Schützenhöfer also played a major role for many years. Commonality has always been put before class and in many areas important foundations for the future have been laid – above all in transport (eg S7 building), tourism and research (eg Joanneum Research, with interdisciplinary and transnational research at the Pinkafeld site). Schützenhöfer is recognized today for its cooperation, which has always been marked by trust and a quality handshake.

BIOS Strobel
Pius Strobel was in charge of Licht-ins-Dunkel for more than two years. As he says himself, this activity put his view of things into perspective. But Pius Strobel has been sticking around for decades. In his job as LiD manager, Strobl manages a large number of projects that lead to high donations and make an indispensable contribution to support people in need – also actively here in Burgenland.

Great Gold Medal of Honor of the Province of Burgenland

Dr. Eric Hechtner
In his long-term position as Director of the Municipality of Vienna (2010-2022), Dr. Erich Hechtner is an important supporter of many important projects within the close partnership between the federal states of Vienna and Burgenland. This cooperation has been reflected in many successes in the Eastern Province – for example in matters of spatial planning and transportation or in administration (salary reform). For his tireless commitment, Dr. Hechtner Great Gold Medal of Honor of the Province of Burgenland.

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Pictures for download:

Awards ceremony group
Awarded the Erich Hechtner Medal Honorary
Honor Wolfgang Böck Medal
Awarded the Medal of Honor to Christian Kolonovets
Awarded the Medal of Honor to Jonah Recitaris
Award of the Medal of Honor to Hermann Schützenhöfer
Pius Strobel Medal Honorable Mention


Decoration of Honor_Group: Governor Hans-Peter Doskozil with Hermann Schotzenhofer, Erich Hechtner, Jona Recitaritz, Pius Strobel, Christian Kolonowitz and Wolfgang Puck (from left).

Honor Award_Erich Hechtner: Governor Hans-Peter Doskozil introduced Dr. Erich Hechtner Gold Medal of Honor from the Province of Burgenland.

Honor Award _ Wolfgang Böck: The governor of the province, Hans-Peter Doskozil, presented Wolfgang Puck with the Commander’s Cross of Burgenland.

Ceremony honoring Christian Kolonovets: The governor of the province presented Hans-Peter Christian Kolonowitz with the Commander’s Cross of Burgenland.

Honor Award_Johanna Resetaris: Johanna Resitaretz’s daughter took command of the Cross in the County of Burgenland from Governor Hans-Peter Doskozil for her father Willi Resitaretz, who died very young.

Honor Award_Hermann Schutzenhofer: Provincial Governor Hans-Peter Doskozil, Governor of Styria, honored Hermann Schotzenhofer with the Commander’s Cross of Burgenland.

Honor Award_Pius Strobel: Pius Strobel received the Commander’s Cross in Burgenland by Governor Hans-Peter Doskozil.

Image source: Burgenland State Media Service

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