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Mud fight between Premier Johnson and one of Cummings’ former confidants

Mud fight between Premier Johnson and one of Cummings’ former confidants

As an advisor to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings has built a reputation for never avoiding a feud. His latest campaign is now directed against his former boss, of all people. He’s been pressuring Johnson for days with explosive discoveries. Cummings was forced to vacate his position as senior advisor at the end of 2020 after a power struggle in the prime minister’s top team. On Friday he came back with a sweeping blow against Johnson. In one blog, he made serious allegations against the conservative prime minister.

Among other things, he accused him of secretly attempting to gather private donors to renovate his apartment in Downing Street. At the time, he refused to help Johnson with these plans, telling him that they were “immoral, stupid, and possibly illegal,” Cummings wrote. Johnson was also accused of preventing an internal investigation into the leak related to Corona measures because the person in charge was a close friend of his fiancée, Carrie Symonds.

Johnson is already grappling with a pressure scandal involving members of his administration and a number of alleged slips on his part. On Monday, he came under additional pressure when he published an alleged quote that reportedly defended himself against a third coronavirus lockdown last fall.

“No more damn closures – the corpses should pile up by the thousands,” he was quoted by the Daily Mail newspaper. According to the newspaper, which did not disclose its source, the penalty was said to have fallen at an internal meeting in Downing Street in October. Ultimately, the third lockdown came at the start of the year. Johnson himself denied the reports of the controversial statement.

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Tim Shipman, political journalist for the Sunday Times, referring to his time in Downing Street, writes that Cummings is a man who “uses nuclear weapons in a mitigating battle”. He has audio recordings. ”Polls by the Prime Minister, who scored points with a successful vaccination campaign in Great Britain, are stable. Shipman wrote:“ But voters hate chaos and division, and Tory MPs hate melodrama. ”

Dissociation and wreaking havoc are among Commonings’ preferred strategies. He was the puller for Johnson’s Brexit campaign. His aggressive approach has made him a hate figure for opponents of Brexit. Former Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron Cummings once described him as a “psychopath”. It was also controversial among many members of the ruling party and even among supporters of Brexit.

Last spring, Cummings caused a scandal when he ignored the curfew in Corona, and despite suspected infection, he drove across the country to his parents with his wife and young son. Johnson then stood firmly behind his counselor and refused to dismiss him.

Now his former close friend could become a threat to him. Cummings expressed his willingness to provide a parliamentary committee with detailed information about the prime minister’s alleged mistake. He will be available to answer MPs’ questions “as long as they want”.

While Downing Street denies all the allegations, the allegations were a blow to the opposition Labor Party. Deputy Leader Angela Rayner said, “Who cares if Johnson lies or lies Cummings?