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Brigham Young University in the United States: Professor takes action against beard ban

He is fed up with these old rules: a retired American professor wants students to be allowed to wear beards again. For this reason, Warner Wordsworth initiated a petition against the beard ban at a university. Mormomenkirche Powered by

College in the state Utah Students should show up in detail or at most in shaved lectures with a small mustache. University rules state: “Lateral irritation should not occur under the earlobe or on the cheek. Mustaches should be neatly trimmed when worn and should not extend above or below the corners of the mouth. Men are expected to be clean shaven, beard not accepted «, As the “investigator” reports.

Long beard only for hippies?

Wordsworth wants to counter this with his petition “Bring back the beard” (Bring the beard back) Continue. Brigham Young University Regulation dates back to the 1960s. Back then, the long beard was still associated with hippies. Their movement contradicted the teachings of the Mormon Church.

The only exception is for religious reasons such as Muslim students. In exceptional cases, the beard may also be worn for medical reasons – for example, if the person concerned has suffered from developed hair.

Wordsworth showed no sympathy for the antiquated discipline in his college: “We need a new, more humane policy that will allow the beard on campus,” he wrote in his petition. The beard was wrongly associated with left-wing, peace ideas of university administration in the 1960s.

So far 700 signatures have been collected

Facial hair is “clearly prophetic”. The beard has been worn by “righteous men” for centuries, beginning with the ancestor Adam.

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So far, Wordsworth has collected nearly 700 signatures on his petition in less than a month. The university has about 36,000 students.