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Bruno Mars and Anderson.Paak collaborate on Silk Sonic

Bruno Mars and Anderson.Paak collaborate on Silk Sonic

NSIt started as a joke between friends. One night four years ago, R&B singer and drummer Anderson.Paak played backstage with Bruno Mars on his European tour. It must have started, because once the lockdown came, they “locked themselves together and made an album,” pop perfectionist Bruno Mars, from whom many still have to recover, declared on his Instagram profile.

Mars and Buck share a love of Afro-American music in decades past—that’s how Silk Sonic, as they call themselves together, sounds like the two halves they’ve always belonged together on their debut album An Evening with the Silk Sonic. A journey through time into a world of twinkling stars, light-colored suits, and pink sunglasses takes less than thirty minutes.

Get the disco ball

“An Evening With Silk Sonic” isn’t just a homage, it’s a revival of ’70s funk, soul, and R&B. New hip-hop elements: “Fly like me”, “777” and “Skate” make the disco ball go off and let Anderson.Paak establish himself as a drummer. In Nine Songs, you are struck by the joy that is in every harmony and every sudden change of chord. On “Apple Music,” Mars W. Paak is about browsing old magazines for the right drums or guitar tracks. This attention to detail, combined with the duo’s abundance of musical talent, makes this show a nod to the past.

Parliament-Funkadelic bassist Potsie Collins gave the name Silk Sonic and drew audiences through the album’s fantasy evening program with a velvety sound. Silk Sonic completely abandons the complex questions of identity from Paaks music, preferring instead to play in Bruno Mars’ music world, where one desires beautiful women (“After Last Night”), sings of Monte Carlo Coupé (“Fly as me”) Or left in the rain mourning the beloved afterwards (“smile”).

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