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The finest silk for the ears

The finest silk for the ears

Bruno Mars and Anderson Back have recorded a good mood album that combines the spirit of the ’70s and hip-hop. There is no unfulfilled desire.

As a European car, the classic is something different than a Cadillac built in 2009. And the addition “too old to still have a built-in CD player” isn’t impressive. From the perspective of American superstar Bruno Mars, born in 1985, things look different. In 2010, he listened to the final mix of his debut album “Doo-Woops And Hooligans” in This Car and found it good. Since then, he’s checked out everything he mods into this car. It’s been used quite a bit now, but the CD player still works flawlessly. Thus he also subjected the new composition “An Evening with the Silk Sonic” to the treatment of Cadillac. Do songs groove? Are machine details audible? Do flails move quietly but relentlessly in the pit of your stomach? Only when all is well is approved.

His partner, drummer, rapper and vocalist Anderson Buck, was quite amazed at Mars’ obsession with subtle sound detail. And also about the rage with which Mars repeatedly turns pieces already approved. Anderson subtly pointed out that this way of working can also be unhealthy. But that’s all ending well: their joint venture Silk Sonic, which combines the spirit of the refined ’70s and earthy hip-hop today, has been a complete success. Their debut single, The Very Good Mood Spread “Leave The Door Open”, reached number one on the US charts.