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Next Olympic sensation: Welles Judoka Burchashvili bronze

Next Olympic sensation: Welles Judoka Burchashvili bronze

The 26-year-old Chechen-born won a third-place fight in Budokan on Tuesday against German Dominic Ressler and won Austria’s first judo medal since silver in 2008 from Ludwig Beicher in Beijing. Borchashvili had previously missed the semi-final gold match due to a loss to Said Moulay of Mongolia.

Ippon’s supposed rating was revised after 13 seconds after studying the video, but he succeeded a little later on the second try. Borchashvili forced Ressler, the current world number 10, to the ground and hung him until victory was assured. The following moments were very moving for the Olympic debutante. “It feels unbelievable, it was a great day. My main manager Yvonne Benish has hired me so well. Enjoy your day, try not to think too much. Put what you can do, that’s me today really well done,” said the third Olympic.

“I can’t describe it”

“I was mentally strong today. I can’t describe it now. In the first match I had a strong opponent who is now third in the world championship. In the second fight I was the top favorite. I had a good idea against every opposing concept.”

Borchashvili celebrated the inaugural success in the up to 81kg class over Portuguese favorite Anri Egutidze in the Golde Score (Waza-Ari), then also sat in the roll against the Israeli, world number two and 2019 world champion, Sagi Muki (Waza-Ari), through. He also made extra minutes against Uzbekistan’s Sharovedin Boltabugyo (WRL-7), winning again in the gold score and with Waza-Ari.

“I am not often speechless, but now I am speechless, but he did an excellent job. (…) He threw ippon, then the rating disappeared, but he kept his nerve. (…) This said the head of the Austrian Judo Federation. Martin Boeger in initial reaction: “This is the reward for the good path he has taken, and we are celebrating now.”

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The semi-final match against Mollaei was a duel between fighters from a refugee background under a very special banner. The Borchashvili family with young children fled from Chechnya to Austria, where they found a new home only in Wales. Mollaei comes from Iran, on the order of his government, he has to avoid meeting an Israeli at the 2019 World Cup in Tokyo. He left for Germany, fought for the Galaxy Tigers in Vienna, and is now allowed to play tatami for Mongolia.

Borchashvili prefers strong opponents. “My weakness is that I become arrogant and lose to people I shouldn’t lose.” The World Cup woke him up there. An opponent in the opening fight of the Summer Games, who was instantly rated as the strongest, was apparently the perfect draw for him.

Magdalena Krsakova lost in the category up to 63 kg after Ippon defeated China’s Yang Junxia in the gold score for her role with Ippon after just 38 seconds against Canadian Catherine Beutchmin Benard. “I am physically fit, everything went well. The first fight was focused. I did exactly what we discussed. In the second, it was too fast for me to say I was in a bad mood. The opponent really likes me,” said Krisakova, frustrated. “She didn’t want to be.”