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Bundesliga: In LASK, the blessing of the house is a retort

Bundesliga: In LASK, the blessing of the house is a retort

In any case, the record after the first half of the season is getting worse from round to round. If there were five wins and one draw in the first six rounds, the next five days brought three draws and two defeats. The attack particularly faltered recently, with only four goals scored in the past five rounds. In the first half, a number of great opportunities were blocked by Hartberg. “We need to get the ball back in the most important place. We have to work on that,” says Koehbauer.

Captain Alexander Schlager was amazed at the reasons for the drop in performance: “Maybe we are too nervous because we missed the goal. We can’t really explain it. Obviously we could have settled it clearly in the first half.” “We can go 4-0 or 5-0, don’t create chances, Rod, latte. Today we just beat ourselves,” added Sacha Horvath.

Hartberg Surprises in LASK

LASK continued its negative streak in the Bundesliga. The eleventh coach, Dietmar Koebauer, unexpectedly lost the match at home in Basching against Hartberg, with a score of 0: 3.

The fact that the athletes collapsed after falling behind in the second half particularly upset coach Linz, who was still third. Suddenly it felt like we had lost our power. I just don’t want us sticking our heads in the sand like last year when things didn’t go well. This is the least I can afford,” Kohbauer explained.

Hartberg hits ice cold in Pasching

Unlike LASK, the guests from Hartberg presented themselves very efficiently at Pasching, which should make a difference that day. Rene Krewak (55th), Dario Tadic (62nd) and Mattia Horvat (78th) all made good use of their chances in the second half and handed their club their third win of the season. “After three consecutive defeats, it’s clear that it feels really good. That was important for the table on one hand and morale on the other hand,” TSV coach Klaus Schmidt said.

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For birthday boy Mario Sunleitner, who celebrated his 36th birthday on Saturday, the three points weren’t a gift, but a well-deserved reward for the hard work. “We know we are a really good team and we have good players. But it is always and everywhere the same: with negative experiences, there is a lack of faith and self-confidence from time to time. This win was very important because it was convincing, because it was 3-0. So It will give us a lot of strength.”

Klagenfurt continues to lead the wave of success

While the East Styrians will now have to travel to the Altach after that, LASK will defend for third place in the standings table next Saturday in Klagenfurt with Austria. Carinthians were at their highest level in weeks, which continued on Saturday with a 2-1 win over newly promoted visitors Lustenau. “What counted today was the three points. It was a hard-earned victory. From a playful point of view, improvement is still necessary, but it is not always easy to rise to the role of favourite like today,” summed up coach Peter Bacolt.

With a third win in a row, the Klagenfurt team is now attacking the top three. Bacolt was delighted with the club’s historic streak of victories for the first time in the Bundesliga. “All respect to my team, nine points in the last three games is something special.”