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Meghan not at coronation: Prince William spoke the word of power

Prince William is said to have the final say in deciding whether Meghan will attend Charles’ coronation.

Buckingham Palace announced this Prince Harry without his wife Megan at his father’s coronation Charles Will share on the sixth post. The decision is said to have preceded months of discussions, according to reports daily Mail Quoting palace insiders. Now claims gossip magazine new ideasThat there is finally Prince William He should have been the one who was said to have the last word in the negotiations.

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Meghan dumped by Prince William?

William did not want Meghan to attend the ceremony for his wife’s well-being Catherine For protection, a palace insider is said to have placed the journal. This and Megan have always been considered incompatible. According to Meghan, she just couldn’t cope with Kate’s reserved nature. In his memoirs, Prince Harry claims that Catherine made life difficult for his wife.

already at a funeral Queen Elizabeth II, which saw two sisters-in-law meet for the first time in a long time, Kate and Meghan seemed to be largely avoiding each other. An insider claims the opposite new ideas Katherine even said that meeting Meghan at the funeral was “one of the hardest things she’s ever had to do.” Kate is said to be relieved that Meghan will not be attending the coronation.

one thinks new ideasIt was reportedly her husband, William, who finally ensured that the 41-year-old former actress would not attend the historic event at Westminster Abbey. It is often said about William that he can be quick-tempered and demanding.

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In deciding whether or not Meghan was actually welcome to the coronation, he is said to have used his new position as Prince of Wales to put a stop to his sister-in-law.

Officially, both Meghan and Harry are invited. As reported, Harry discussed with the responsible palace staff and made certain demands, which is the reason for waiting for acceptance or rejection for weeks. In the end, only the heir to the throne, Prince William intervened to prevent his sister-in-law from traveling to England.

“Both Harry and Meghan were originally invited, but it’s safe to say that William threw a slur at the invitation. He dictated to the courtiers that Meghan should not be allowed near Kate, after all they said the woman did.” new ideas An internal source of shortness.

“No one would have been surprised if he had taken advantage of his rank as the new Prince of Wales and denied him his invitation,” the source said. “It is probable that he was compromised with his father, who wanted his two sons to witness his accession to the throne.”

The palace has not yet commented on the rumour.

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