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Burned Teachers: Schools are closing again in the United States

“It happens again and again that a teacher observes two classes and runs back and forth between rooms,” say school directors in Nevada. There are simply not enough staff. In Detroit, schools have switched to online teaching one day a week, and classes in six other Michigan state school districts are canceled several days a month. Many classrooms in Utah, Virginia, Illinois and Washington are now empty again.

In Florida, a district gave all teachers a week off on the grounds that schools were not closed due to hurricanes that year.

Parents will receive an email or an online message only a couple of days before school closes or they will switch to online lessons. For example, it says: “We understand that this is stressful for parents, but this action is a recognition of our teachers’ achievements.” In Oregon, Reynolds Middle School closed for three weeks in mid-November. The classroom lacked “social skills” after reading.The number of anger and fights erupted.

Switching to online classes can be disastrous as most parents have only two weeks off. More affluent people enroll their children in private schools.

The National Education Association, America’s largest teachers’ union, warns and demands an immediate pay rise: “It is better for students and parents to live with difficulty before the overall system collapses.”

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