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BURNING POINT: Put a music video from the new album "Arsonist Of The Soul" online!

BURNING POINT: Put a music video from the new album “Arsonist Of The Soul” online!

In the more than two decades of its existence, the Finnish metal band BURNING POINT has undergone many lineup changes. The great constant was (and still is) the mastermind/guitarist/songwriter Pete Ahonen, who has kept the ship on course over such a long period and whose clear vision and artistic integrity have made BURNING POINT one of the most trusted suppliers of (European) fines and classics. Energy metal.

Having served himself as a singer for BUERNING POINT for many years (from forming the band until joining Nitte Valo (formerly Battle Beast) in 2015), the band is now introducing new sound with their new album, “Arsonist Of The Soul”: Luca Sterniolo replaces Valo and fits perfectly. .

The strong Italian (who has lived in Finland for many years) fits perfectly with Ahonen’s fiery fretboard attacks and writes powerful and expert songs with his strong and varied voice. In addition to Ahonen, Sturniolo and Pekka Kolivuori, Jarkko Poussu (bass, former member of the Finnish thrash pioneer ARG), Toma Jattinen (drums) and Mate Halonen (keyboards) have now joined the band.

“I’m really excited about the new lineup and I’m very happy with the new album. The guys are so talented and so excited”, Ahonen Comments.

A little tougher than it was on their last album (“The Blaze” from 2016), BURNING POINT they go to work on their new long track launcher. However, the distinct melodies and sounds are everywhere. Songs such as the great title track, the first single “Blast In The Past” and many others are definitely among the best compositions from Ahonen’s pen.

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With “Arsonist Of The Soul2”, BURNING POINT is also continuing an old collaboration: Kari Vähäkuopus, who already contributed to the mix for the 2003 album “Feeding The Flames,” is now back again. Mastering was performed by Miro Rodenberg (Gate Studios, Wolfsburg), and Jan Meininghaus (Kreator, Overkill) was contracted to create the cover artwork.

With its early 2000s vibe, “Arsonist Of The Soul” delivers exactly what BURNING POINT has been rated for for many years: classic sound paired with current productions and the constantly polished songwriting. The band’s new record from Oulu is sure to raise the bar even higher.

BURNING POINT’s eighth studio album will be available as a vinyl and CD jewelry case starting October 22nd!

track list:

01. Blast into the past

02. The rules of the universe

03. Out of Control (Wild Animals)

04. ungrateful person

05. Soul Fire

06. Hit the night

07. Running in the dark

08. Contact

09. From the radar

10. Fire with Fire

11. Will I rise with the sun

12. Eternal Life