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Charlene von Monaco: The first sign of life after her illness

Charlene von Monaco: The first sign of life after her illness

Charlene von Monaco fell ill while on a trip to South Africa. Now she has posted a photo that should reassure her fans.

Charlene von Monaco (43) Travel to South Africa to find out To get involved in the fight against poaching and rhino poaching. Unfortunately she fell ill on this trip. Now, after this disturbing news, there is once again a sign of life from a wife Prince Albert (63).

Camouflaged and uncoordinated: You can see how the princess appeared at home in the video above.

Princess Charlene: Moving Journey to South Africa

Your trip to your home Charlene was very touched. Then she got sick, too! Because of an ear, nose and throat infection, the return trip appeared to be too perilous, and the 43-year-old stayed in South Africa. Hence, she missed it too أيض The famous Formula 1 race in Monaco. Before that, the princess was hardly seen in public.

In March 2021, she had one To deal with severe loss, because her friend from South Africa, Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini (72), died – perhaps that’s why she pulled out.

The long-awaited sign of life from Charlene of Monaco

The former professional swimmer has now posted a special photo of a family celebration in South Africa on Instagram: her niece Eva Grace (5)’s birthday. Eva is Charlene’s daughter Little brother Sean Wittstock (38).

She wrote: “Happy 5th birthday, Eva! With love, your Aunt Charlene.” In the picture you can see her niece and her husband as well as her twin, Gabriella (6) and jack (6). So I made the trip to South Africa.

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On safari with Jack and Gabriella from Monaco

And when they really embark on the long journey, the twins can instantly discover the country. A few hours after the Christmas snapshot, Princess Charlene posted a new photo that is especially cute. Prince Albert, twins, brother Charlene and their children go on a safari together. To do this, they all strapped themselves into camouflage clothing and drove a jeep across the country. A very fun family outing!

When does the princess return to Monaco?

Such beautiful glimpses into their family life are rare. At the moment, her fans should be especially happy with such photos, because the family looks great, cheerful, happy – and above all united. Definitely miss her loved ones so much!

But maybe soon you’ll be able to see her again in a public appearance – because on July 1 she and Prince Albert will celebrate 10th Anniversary. This would be the perfect occasion for celebrations as Charlene can present himself on the public stage once again.

True Brother Love: The princely couple’s twins are very fond of each other, as you can see in the video.

Sweet twins moments: You can't give up on each other

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