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Non-alcoholic sparkling wines: these are the ÖKO test winners

Non-alcoholic sparkling wines: these are the ÖKO test winners

Sparkling drinks based on grape juice

Not all products are convincing in testing. Of the sparkling grape juices, two were “very good” and one was “good.” The non-alcoholic sparkling wine that took last place failed with an “unsatisfactory” rating (score 6). Why: In addition to the added flavors and yeast extract, testers also criticized the taste, smell, and packaging that was not clearly stated. But the loser is pesticide-free. Traces of pesticides were also found in two sparkling grape juices classified as “very good.”

Non-alcoholic ones winner We are:

  • Heyden Fun Zero sparkling grape juice about €5.50 (store)
  • Trenz Trenzero for about 5.80 euros (for the store)

It impresses ÖKO-TEST with its clean, round and intense aroma, and its taste is “sweet, light acidity, harmonious acid-sugar ratio, and very fruity,” according to experts. The alcohol content is 0.05 and 0.04% by volume.

Sparkling drinks made from alcoholic wine

You can often see non-alcoholic sparkling wine made from non-alcoholic wine in supermarkets or discount stores. Of the 16 products tested, four received a score of “very good.”

The good news: Three of the four winners are inexpensive brands. Non-alcoholic sparkling wine comes first in this area:

Six other drinks were rated as “good”, including well-known names such as Rotkäppchen-Mumm or Söhnlein Rheingold. Another four were “satisfactory”, and once testers gave the score “adequate”. Here too, one drink failed: The Column Zero, Cuvée Blanc No. 1 non-alcoholic sparkling not only costs 13 euros per bottle. The lab also found four pesticides here, including traces of dimethomorph and iprovalicarb. Solid acid and an unbalanced acid-to-sugar ratio also result in points being deducted.

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