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American writer Noah Gordon has died at the age of 95

American writer Noah Gordon has died at the age of 95

American writer Noah Gordon, who reached audiences of millions with novels such as “The Medicus”, has died, publisher Penguin Random House confirmed Tuesday, citing Swiss literary agency Mohrbooks that represented the writer. Gordon’s family wrote on Facebook that he died at his home on Monday at the age of 95.

Only recently, the bestselling author celebrated his birthday with joy. He was grateful for the long and fruitful life he had. “Noah’s life and work has touched the lives of millions of readers around the world. His work continues,” the post read.

Born on November 11, 1926 in Worcester, Massachusetts, Gordon had an early interest in literature. But the son of Jewish parents must study medicine in order to be financially secure. He spent a semester in college, and then got into journalism without telling his parents. His career as a reporter – first working for his local newspaper “The Worcester Telegram” and then as a science journalist for the “Boston Herald” – finally paved his way to becoming a writer.

Gordon’s debut novel “The Rabbi” (1965) remained on the New York Times bestseller list for 26 weeks. He achieved major international success with “Der Medicus” which appeared in the summer of 1986 with the original title “The Doctor”. In it, orphaned boy Robb Jeremy Cole made his way from England to Isfahan in 11th century Persia to study medicine with the famous physician Avicenna. Eventually he returned to England with his wife as a recognized physician.

This was followed by the series “Der Schamane” (1992) and “Die Erben des Medicus” (1995). A quote from Philip Stolzel’s “Medicus,” which was released in 2013, helped make the books more accessible to younger readers, too. Gordon published his last “Catalan” novel in 2007, a tribute to the history of Spanish viticulture in the 19th century.

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Since then, the father of three has become calmer. “Every morning I go to my computer and enjoy the emails I receive from readers in many countries. I am grateful to every reader for giving me the opportunity to spend my life as a story writer,” says Home.

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