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Cabaret in Rennesburg – Good mood is pre-programmed

Cabaret in Rennesburg – Good mood is pre-programmed

Once again, cabaret artist Alex Christian has created a lively atmosphere in Borgarina Rheinsberg with his powerful theatrical program “50 Shades of Schmoh”.

Stephanie Holzgruber

HLast Thursday, Alex Christian’s performance at a sold-out Burgarena Reinsberg Theater awaited an audience with a sense of humor with a special sense of humor.

When the car park is full, tickets are sold out and laughter echoes loudly from the castle yard, and you know exactly which humorous guest has stopped by Reinsberg again.

With his one-man show “50 Shades of Sch Mäh” last Thursday, Alex Christian tackled aging and all its problems with a great deal of optimism and humor. After all, 50 is just 42 net, or “30 without inflation”.

With many sides of humor in his baggage, the famous cabaret performer and voice-over delivered every joke to the excited audience, who was swept off the stage by Alex Christian after hours of great entertainment with storms of jubilation and thunderous applause.

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