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Painting and ceramics: “Looking forward to something every day” The magic in painting

Painting and ceramics: “Looking forward to something every day” The magic in painting

A great passion for art is reflected in the work of Tanja Trausnig from St. Gilgen.

street. Gilgen. Confrontations with her artwork often lead to viewers saying, “This is mine.” Hence it is clear to Tanja Trausing that her work has a particular and individual impact on the visitor in question. It is for this reason that the artist hesitates to comment on her acrylic paintings. “Interpretation is superfluous and superfluous because visitors let my abstract paintings work on them, feel a personal orientation and always discover something new when they look at my paintings again,” says St. Gilgenrein happily. Trausnig’s friends recommended her: “You have to paint!” “Your intuition is a gift!” said some people in the immediate vicinity who knew them as very sensitive people. “Just as a piece of music can put people in a certain mood, painting can do the same. I never thought of that

Personal stories

“My paintings can cause chills, joy or tears,” says the artist. “For me, the magic happens when one of my clients or collectors gets to see their personal story in my comic.” Traussing used to paint more and more with natural colors in darker tones. “Five years ago I switched to the opposite.” Since then I have been painting very colorful, brightly colored pictures. She mixes acrylic paints herself from pigments and binders. Recently she has devoted herself to color drawings. Motifs such as crabs, beetles, sea creatures, and science fiction scenes are now popular.
During the epidemic, Traussing began working with ceramics. True to her motto, says the artist, who produces muesli bowls, espresso cups, fruit platters and more, according to her motto. “You should have something to look forward to every day.”

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Outstanding talent

The trained graphic designer works in her own small design studio Mika and also lends artwork to experimental life. “Everyone should feel comfortable, so it’s important that my artwork also fits into their living area.” Recently her work was shown under the title “Introspection” at the Mozarthaus St. Gilgen.
Traussnigg was born in Styria and graduated from the Ortuin School of Art and Design in Graz. Residencies and studies with international lecturers and visual artists enhanced the expressiveness and signature of her painting.
She was awarded the Shakespeare Prize at the Verona Biennale for her “outstanding and sensitive talent”. In addition to Verona, her work has been shown in Bad Münstereifel and at the New York Art Gallery.
International curator Salvatore Russo particularly commended her, saying: “A remarkable talent and sensitivity. Tania’s art explores the most hidden realms of the human mind.

Its colorful graphics are presented in the form of mobile phones.
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