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California dream: Batista on public roads on his dynamic American debt | News

Automobile Pininfarina Batista, ready for the first production, made its energetic debut on the streets of California before the Montreal car arrived this week.

– Model’s carbon fiber body, the first product to be rolled from the assembly line at the Campiono, demonstrates Automobile Pininfarina’s recently announced customization service

– Batista’s visit to United States Providing the opportunity for the first audio model of the unique “pure sound” theory that uses organic frequencies for the emotional and real EV sound experience.

See Batista Active here for the first time on the streets of California:

Montessori, California, 12. August 2021 / PRNewswire / – The world’s first all-electric GT supercar, the automobile Pininfarina Batista, made its dynamic debut on the streets of California. Pondista’s first road trip marks the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the automobile pinniferina, as part of a comprehensive program of events surrounding the Monterey week.

Batista’s introduction to production offers U.S. customers the first chance to experience the vehicle’s 1,900 hp experience with the first unique, characteristic black carbon fiber body feel. The vehicle was sophisticatedly designed at Automobili Pininfarina’s manufacturing plant in Cambiano, Italy and is part of a recently announced Bespoke customization plan.

The precision polished dummy wheels made of carbon fiber body and an aluminum alloy complement the artistically designed interior with Iconica Blue Alcondara upholstery with optional pyloda seats and iconic blue contrasting stitching on the permanent black leather ?? Finished with interior jewelry set in brushed, black anodized aluminum.

Pavlo Delloch, Chief Product and Engineering Officer Bee Automobili Pininfarina, as follows: ?? Batista will provide an amazing overall experience on the track and on the road ?? In the city and on the open road. Looking at the ready-made copy of our all-electric GT Super Sports car on the highways of California marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in its development. This is a significant milestone and a very prosperous moment as we look forward to the first shipments to customers later this year. “

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Exclusive Batista Annievacario’s US Premier Monterrey Car will be held during the week. This is only for five vehicles worldwide. Its aerodynamic upgrades and excellent details give it a unique dynamic personality that embodies the pinnacle of Pininfarina design.

Customers have the first and first chance to experience the 1,900 hp Batista at the high quality event “The Quail” meadow as there are two vehicles during the Monterey car week. Pebble Beach The All-Electric GT Super Sports Car is offered with a special collection of classic Pinnacle vehicles from the company’s 91-year history.

First look at Batista’s Sound
With the arrival of the first vehicle ready for production, customers will have the opportunity to hear Batista for the first time, as it offers the public the unique soundtrack currently being developed for the world’s first all-electric GT supercar. The individual sound is designed to evoke an emotional reaction from the audience and the audience. This ensures that Batista provides an exciting experience for all senses.

True to Automobile Pininfarina’s “Pure Sound” philosophy, the main frequency of the soundscape is 54 Hz. It’s an organic frequency: Eighth, 432 Hz, the soundtrack designed by Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi is perfect for the most powerful Italian street-frame sports car ever made.

Rene Wolman, Director of Sports Cars Manufacturing Site at Automobile Pininfarina: Every driver has an emotional bond with a car, and Batista’s noise fosters that bond. Not by copying the familiar vehicle sound, but with the sound that expresses the beauty of the Batista design inside and out. Batista is not only impressed by its aesthetics and performance, but also by its sound on a new emotional level. We expect input from customers United States We refine Batista’s sound experience. ”

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According to music theory, 432 Hz mathematically corresponds to the universe. The music set to 432 Hz is pure. The sound is clear and very catchy and revolves around Batista‚Äôs pure design. Automobile finiferina engineers selected Batista’s main frequency as 54 Hz, the eighth of 432 Hz. This frequency provides a unique and recognizable sound signature. She creates Type The emotional reaction that customers expect from a 1,900 hp gt super sports car.

From this point the frequency increases at 54 Hz, adding layers of new sound as the vehicle speed increases. The seamless impressive acoustics reflect the entire electrical performance of the Batista and combine rich bass frequencies into a characteristic sound.

Automobile Pininfarina Batista was named after Batista “Pinin” Farina, who founded coach Carroseria Pininfarina in the 1930s. The GT Super Sports car revives Batista’s dream of producing a car under the name Pininfarina, and is expected to deliver vehicles from this year to customers

Editorial Notes

Pininfarin Battist Cars
Batista It will be the most powerful car ever designed and built in Italy, and will deliver a performance that is currently unmatched by any street-frame sports car with internal combustion engine technology. Thanks to 1,900 hp and 2,300 Nm of torque, it manages 0 to 100 km / h in 2 seconds ?? Faster than the current Formula 1 racing car. Batista combines intensive engineering and technology into an overall emission-free package. Batista’s 120 kWh battery powers four electric motors? One on each wheel ?? And offers WLTP range of more than 500 km (310 miles) on a single charge. The number of individually crafted batistas at the Pininfarina Spa in Cambiano, Italy does not exceed 150 copies.

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About Automobile Pinfarina
Automobile Pininfarina is headquartered in Munich. A team of experienced staff has gathered there, all of whom have already served in leading positions in the luxury and premium car brands. The Batista GT Supercar and all future models are designed, crafted and crafted in Italy and will be sold and serviced in all major global markets under the Pininfarina brand. The new company claims to be the most sustainable luxury vehicle brand in the world.

The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra and has been a partner since the signing of the trademark license agreement between Pininfarina Spa and Mahindra & Mahindra Limited. Name Automobili Pininfarina. Based on Pininfarina SpA’s unique 90 years of experience, the company has produced many world-renowned automobiles and will play an influential role with its design and production capabilities.

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