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FIFA World Rankings: Germany loses four places – USA in top 10

Quote from SoSueMe

Even in the beginning, when continental championships like the European Championship, Copa America and Gold Cup weigh almost equally, you have to ask yourself how meaningful this list is.

I do not want to diminish the importance of the Copa America and the Gold Cup for the respective countries, but the competition in the Copa America is only for Brazil and Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Colombia. In the Gold Cup, we talk about the eternal battle between the United States and Mexico.

At the European Championships, many leading football nations are battling each other for the trophy, meaning that in each cycle two or three nations are lagging behind in European competition, but still ahead of the United States. .

When Italy, England, Argentina and France were heavily absorbed between 2010-2014, no one seemed to be pushing these countries backwards.

But, I do not follow this world rankings, it is irrelevant in football culture.

If you do not follow the world rankings, how do you know that Italy, England, Argentina and France did not lag behind in those years?

But it is better to answer the question directly:
In June 2014, Argentina was ranked 5th, Italy 9th, England 10th and France 17th.
In June 2013: Argentina 3rd, Italy 8th, England 9th, France 18th
In June 2012: England 6th, Argentina 7th, Italy 12th, France 14th
June 2011: England 4th, Italy 6th, Argentina 10th, France 15th
July 2010: Argentina 5th, England 7th, Italy 11th, France 21st

Bonus: We were last ranked 1st when the UK was 15th in 2015, Italy 13th and Italy 19th in 2018.

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It’s not as if Germany alone was “unjustly” knocked out of the top 10 places because the Grits have only been played for 3 years, all countries are in weak points, your four examples being at least 10 at least once in the last eleven years, permanently from the top 10 places.