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Soprano Melissa Petty: "Little Vixen Is Like Rock and Roll"

Soprano Melissa Petty: “Little Vixen Is Like Rock and Roll”

The successful singer can be heard in Vienna as of Saturday: in Stefan Herheim’s first production as director of the theater anne der Wien, she starred in Janacek’s “The Cunning Little Vixen.” Already today she is in conversation with “Presse”.

Her legs hurt, but her face radiates: soprano Melissa Petti at last rehearsals for Leoš Janáček “The Cunning Little Vixen,” directed by Stefan Herheim in Hall E at Museumsquartier. The new director of the theater an der Vienna makes his debut as a director and director in one person. He got Betty for his lead role in Bold Little Vixen. Because he knows that in the French singer he has an actress who throws herself into things lively and unabashedly – just like the vixen herself. “He saw me in Bregenz as Gilda in ‘Rigoletto’ when I was singing ‘Karu Nomi’ sings in the air in a hot air balloon,” says Petty. “He knew then: I am a person who faces all challenges.” At rehearsals she presents everything: “While I sing, I run, I jump, I dance, I do stunts myself when necessary,” she says with a mixture of pride and coquetry in his voice. And if she gets a bruise, she usually only notices it later.

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