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Can the tank fit into the driving area of ​​Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Can the tank fit into the driving area of ​​Kentucky Fried Chicken?

© Eddie Hall The Beast / YouTube / screenshot

It is a problem that you seldom encounter in everyday life: do I use privately (unarmed of course) tank In the car Kentucky? Youtube Eddie Hall “The Beast” wanted it with FV107 Scimitar try out.

man holding seagulls

This seagull probably didn’t expect that when she wanted to grab a snack from this guy’s hand. skillfully lightning fast movement He catches a bird that suddenly no longer understands the world. But in the end, the animal escaped from fear.

Soldiers in jet bags

This looks unofficial like a seagull hunter British marines With their jet packs:

What the Metaverse might actually look like

Kinda hard to explain but that’s in Berlin The street scene captured has a distinctly Metaverse feel. To understand it, look at it:

Mastering card games

games in arcade halls It can be a nice pastime. But it can also be a challenge to overcome with some remedial work. If you don’t want to mess around, there are a number of others Tips to get a new high score.

There is no fake: this fighter plane flies backward

not enough? then look at I went online last week In and see how a Rear fighter plane He flies.

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