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Canon camera obscures bad-tempered employees

Canon camera obscures bad-tempered employees

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If you’re in a bad mood, you don’t even have to try to get into the headquarters of Canon’s offices in China. This is ensured by a camera that includes artificial intelligence, which is installed at the entrances to meeting rooms. Anyone smiling is allowed in. If you look bleak, you have to stay outside.

enthusiastic employees للموظفين

The solution developed by Canon Information Technology subsidiary is aimed at Boost employee morale. It was introduced a year ago, but so far it has remained under the radar of the public and the media. In a recent report by financial times It was presented as an example of how to monitor employees in companies not only with cameras and algorithms, but also how to improve their performance.

This dystopian present also fits concepts like Amazon’s, which leaves exhausted employees in a small enclosed room, where you can calm down through esoteric music and relaxation videos. Here too, it’s not so much about the staff as it is about them after staying in the room ‘Back to work more focused.’

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