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Capcom Developers: Mods are technically cheats and are intended to be blocked by anti-cheat software – ntower

Capcom Developers: Mods are technically cheats and are intended to be blocked by anti-cheat software – ntower

Many video games thrive on their creative communities, and the PC platform in particular can have all sorts of things going for it amendment Delight aims to improve your gaming experience. According to one, there is a problem However, the developers from Capcom are making adjustments RTechnically similar to cheats Therefore, they must be identified and blocked by security software. So he said Taro yahagi During Capcom’s general conference. Due to the technical implementation, the mods are nothing more than cheats, Yahagi says. He literally says:

Quote from Taro Yahagi

Mods are very popular among users because they allow them to add or change various features to an existing game.

All mods are defined as cheats unless they are officially supported. What they are doing internally is nothing but cheating.

Due to this type of implementation and modification to the game, anti-cheat software cannot detect modifications as such unless they are officially approved for the game.

Quote from Taro Yahagi

For anti-fraud and anti-piracy purposes All mods are defined as cheats. This means that mods that are not officially supported by the game cannot be distinguished from cheat tools in terms of implementation.

The developer talks about the positive and negative effects of the modifications on players and on the company as well. It is said that “most of the modifications […] It has a positive impact on the game, as well as some modifications for the company It can hurtBeside Both in terms of reputation and workloadBy this he means that mods “violate public order and morality” because they “can be confused with legitimate applications” and this is ultimately the company’s fault. On the other hand, other mods can cause harmful changes to the base game, causing players to resort to customer support to repair the damage This leads to the aforementioned additional burden on the company. You can watch the full presentation here.

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What do you think about modifications in video games? Are Capcom’s fears justified?

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