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Norwegian soldiers must “move” underwear

In the future, Norwegian military service providers must “transfer” underwear, bras, and socks to their successors at the end of their service period. “This helps us to reuse this part of the clothing. We do not have enough stocks. The background is the lack of materials related to the epidemic,” army spokesman Hans Messingst told public broadcaster NRK.

Previously, after their release, those performing military service were allowed to distribute underwear at the beginning of their training from the barracks; The return was voluntary. However, factory closures and transportation problems in the wake of the pandemic have led to significant disruptions in supply chains, NRK reported.

Army spokesman Messingest confirmed: “The textiles are washed, cleaned and checked. What we spend on soldiers is in good condition.”

Eric Sohel Eksund, representative of the recruits, criticized the shortage of material in an interview with the specialist mediator forum Forsvarets. It can have a negative impact on military operations and “at worst” endanger the security of soldiers. In Norway, military service is still compulsory. About 8000 young men and women are recruited into the armed forces every year.

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