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Carlos Santana: Blessings and Miracles

Carlos Santana: Blessings and Miracles

With the song “Blessings And Miracles”, 74-year-old Carlos Santana wants to achieve creative and commercial success together once again – also with the help of several high-profile guests. When it comes to quality, Santana is only partially successful. Of course the new album contains beautiful moments in Santana, for example in the Latin dance “Santana Celebration”.

But unfortunately there are also unnecessary fillers. For example, the lame cover version of Procol Harum’s “A Whiter Shade Of Pale.” Above all, Santana falls victim to his cross concept with some calculated songs.

At times, it seems heavily determined on the drawing board for Latin pop grooves: contributions from fellow celebrity rappers like rapper J.Eazy, country rocker Chris Stapleton or Diane Warren — as well as the long-running guitar solos of Mr. Musical drawing by numbers. It gets really cool when the Santana family plays a role. For example, the song “Breathing Underwater” sung with sensitivity by daughter Stella or “Rombalero” with her son Salvador.

In “Song For Cindy,” finally, every guitar note testifies to the great tenderness Santana feels for drummer Cindy Blackman, who is married to him. A highlight of the performance was “All Together” with pianist Chick Corea, who died in February, in a three-minute mix of jazz and rock.