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New series may also bring back dead characters

New series may also bring back dead characters

Now it’s official: the anthology series “Tales of the Walking Dead” is in production. This means that not only new characters are waiting for us, but also well-known ones.

Season 11 of “The Walking Dead” It started for a long time and slowly headed towards the end. In all, we’re still expecting 16 episodes, but then the main series finally comes to an end. An era is ending, but a diverse new series will continue to preserve the zombie world. You can see an overview of all the potential spin-offs from “The Walking Dead” in our video.

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Among other things, spin-offs “Tales of the walking deadThis has been officially confirmed by AMC Networks. The branch will be an anthology series consisting of a total of six completed episodes. Filming will start in early 2022 and later Summer 2022 A spin-off is about to start, which will introduce existing characters as well as new ones. Channig Powell, who co-wrote the main series, serves as the presenter for “Tales of the Walking Dead”.

You can stream new episodes of ‘The Walking Dead’ live on Disney+

Favorite characters may be about to return

With “Tales of the Walking Dead” the characters return who died in the regular series of “The Walking Dead.” However, they should not each receive their own series, but should celebrate their comeback in one-hour episodes. Thus one can bring back characters like The Governor and/or Abraham (Michael Kudlitz). bring this last for potential movies Himself in the game.

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Scott Gimple, Head of Content for The Walking Dead, revealed in an interview (via that famous and lost characters can reappear in an accidental setting. Rumor has it that Glenn (Steven Yeun) may have the opportunity as well, although actor Yeun himself is no longer interested in returning to the zombie franchise. So whether we’ll actually see Glenn again in the zombie apocalypse remains to be seen.

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