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Celebrate the 1920s with a new vintage store – a shopping temple near Kleinhaugsdorf

Celebrate the 1920s with a new vintage store – a shopping temple near Kleinhaugsdorf

Opening a store in Freeport (from left): Krystyma Otendorwska, Thomas Seckmann, Lidia Kilowitz, Sandira Bledt, Roger Seunig and Elima Pokorna.

Franz Enzmann

sFor two decades, Freeport near Kleinhaugsdorf on the Czech border has been one of the leading designer outlets. As part of the 20th anniversary celebration, the vintage store officially opened its doors in the presence of Excalibur City operator Roger Seunig.

Especially since it was acquired by its Austrian owners in 2015, the fashion and designer retail center in Švalovice-Haty.Underwent a quality attack. Freeport currently offers 250 leading brands, 75 world-class stores and a variety of restaurants.

“10 million euros have been paid.”

The €10 million investment so far in the renovation has now paid off. “Sales have doubled since 2015 – and the number of guests is constantly growing,” says general manager Thomas Seckmann, with around two million visitors each year. Open on Sundays and public holidays (10 a.m. to 9 p.m.) as well as affordable branded items are the key success criteria for the future. “The design is based on the famous Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, and provides an indoor mall with an outdoor shopping experience on an area of ​​approximately 30,000 square metres.” says the managing director enthusiastically.

The new attraction at the shopping temple is the “Retro Total” store by Excalibur City owner Ronald Senig, which offers vintage costumes, jukeboxes, pinball machines, metal signs and household appliances such as vintage toasters and cotton candy machines in a 550 square meter sales area. Furniture from an American restaurant from the 1950s and 1960s can also be found here. Among those attending the opening ceremony: musician and influencer Lidia Kilowitz, Vice-Miss Austria 2023 Sandra Bledt, and magician Nikolaus Fortellini, son of actress Barbara Wosow. .

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In his short opening remarks, Roger Seunig discussed the popular travel destination Terra Technica Time Travel Museum. “There we introduce the world of music, pinball machines, computer games and modern entertainment.” In addition, Merlin’s Animal and Children’s World offers countless highlights for younger visitors. Finally, Seunig thanked Excalibur City and Freeport for the good cooperation.