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Do you hear what you want?

Do you hear what you want?

Anyone who notices problems with hearing or understanding should not hesitate for too long. In many cases, hearing problems can be corrected. The earlier hearing aids are used, the better. Hearing aid technology has advanced greatly in recent years.

New technology, new design

The new Slim hearing aids from Phonak are distinguished by their unique shape and elegant design. But hearing aids don’t just look pretty. They have intelligent speech recognition and focus specifically on what the other person is saying. Background noise is automatically muted. Smart Speech technology ensures better understanding, especially in noisy environments.

The complex software in hearing aids scans the surrounding environment 700 times per second and automatically adapts the devices to the listening environment. Hearing aids can also be used as a hands-free device for your cell phone. Calls can be answered simply by tapping your finger to your ear.

Try it for free!

Start your new listening experience now! Hansaton warmly invites you to try our modern hearing aids for free. An appointment for more information can be made on 0800 880 888 (call free), online at or directly at the Hansaton Center for Hearing Competence, 12 times in Tyrol.

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