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Charlene Still Away: The Gentleman's Connoisseur on Albert's Life as Sole Ruler

Charlene Still Away: The Gentleman’s Connoisseur on Albert’s Life as Sole Ruler

where Prince Albert It was announced in November that his wife has Charlenewho had been struggling with health problems for the past few months, was treated for physical and mental exhaustion in the clinic, and spoke in person for the first time – them to their children jack And Gabriella Happy birthday on Instagram.

Albert, who recently commented on his wife’s health in several interviews, temporarily withdrew. Anyway, when traditional Christmas presents were presented to the children of Monaco last week, Monaco was not present – and his sister Stephanie attended the event instead. jack And Gabriella and their children Louis Ducroix And Camille Gottlieb.

An aristocratic expert on Albert’s life as sole ruler

After Charlene has spent most of the current year in South Africa and has once again been unable to fulfill her duties as princess, Albert is now receiving increased support from his family. French journalist Stephane Bern stands against the French expensive But a sad picture of the current situation of Albert.

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