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Spider-Man needs to return to the MCU

Spider-Man needs to return to the MCU

In fact, the signs were goodbye, but now comes the positive news for Marvel fans: it seems that the immediate future of Spider-Man in the MCU is locked!

Will Tom Holland leave the Marvel world or stay? After clear announcements in the meantime, a file Spider-Man Star’s supposed resignation announcement is actually apparent – Just Then he flirts again with Marvel-Aus. There was also a reasonable theory that the friendly spider from the neighborhood came from Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) And passed by the Avengers to play with Venom (Tom Hardy) and co. in the Sony Spider-Man Universe (SSU).

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In fact, we assumed it wasn’t until after the theatrical release of “Spider-Man: No Home” To learn more about the further development of the hero, but even before that there was a surprise: Spider-Man officially has a future in the MCU!

“No Way Home” producer Amy Pascal confirmed, after all, a former co-chair of Sony Pictures, in an interview with FandangoThat Tom Holland should continue to stay in the MCU and even talk about it “Spider-Man 4” They can also look forward to appearances:

“This isn’t the last movie we’ll do with Marvel – [das ist nicht] The last Spider-Man movie. We’re getting ready to take on the upcoming Spider-Man movie with Tom Holland and Marvel. We consider the current [Werke] of three [zusammenhängende] movies and Now we move on to the next three. This won’t be our last MCU movie.

The ending of “No Way Home” raises a number of questions. In the next video you can see what Peter Parker’s future might look like after the end of the movie.

Kevin Feige on the future of Spider-Man in Marvel

Meanwhile, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, a practical MCU architect, has also commented on the future of Spider-Man. In an interview with The New York Times (via Deadline), he tried to reassure fans:

„Amy [Pascal] And I and Disney and Sony are talking about it — yeah, we’re actively starting to figure out where the story is going to take us next, which I’m just saying honestly because I don’t want fans to go through a farewell shock like after Far From Home was the case. It won’t happen this time.”

Vij pledges that all parties will hold direct talks this time so that the chaos that existed before “there is no way to return” is not repeated. At the time, the continuation of the deal between Sony and Disney was on edge, which is why Spider-Man and Tom Holland threatened to end the MCU.

Sony Pictures’ Tom Rothman admitted speaking to the podcast phase zero Also another idea and he made it clear that Spider-Man will definitely return to the MCU. Even officials have no other choice because Benedict Cumberbatch just appeared as Doctor Strange in “No Way Home,” as Rothman explained:

“We borrow someone, they borrow someone, which is why Benedict is in this movie, so we have to bring back another loan.”

So Spider-Man should be loaned from Sony to Marvel Studios again, which, according to Rothman, is not a problem, because he emphasized good cooperation between everyone involved. Accordingly, we can safely expect Tom Holland to appear in another MCU project, apart from another possible trilogy. According to Rothman, the project has not yet been decided. Accordingly, we will have to wait for more detailed information in this regard.

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Tom Holland responds to a Marvel reveal

The Spider-Man star himself responded to the original ad from Amy Pascal in the “No Way Home” promotional tour. Tom Holland and his partner Zendaya found each other on the French TV show “Quotidien,” where he asked the presenter directly about the new Spider-Man trilogy. Holland didn’t want to comment specifically on any plans, but at the time was surprisingly swayed by the perspective, as he liked to flirt in interviews with the impending end of his Marvel role:

“Next question… Listen, all I’m going to say is that we have some very interesting things to talk about. I don’t know exactly what this is or what it will lead to. But it seems like an incredibly bright future awaits me, and as I said before, the man The spider will forever be a part of me.”

Does Spider-Man play in two worlds of superheroes?

The collaboration between Disney, to which Marvel Studios belongs, and Sony, which has since died, has a bright future ahead, according to officials; With Tom Holland’s attitude that seems to be the biggest question mark. His hesitant attitude could also be of a tactical nature, in order to make more money for himself from the next trio. According to the current trilogy with “Spider-Man: Homecoming”And “Spider-Man: Far From Home” And now “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, according to the announcement of Aimee Pascal, the next trilogy is planned, which, obviously, will also be thematically related.

Above all, it is important for Pascal to confirm that Spider-Man will continue to play a role in the MCU and it is clear that Tom Holland will embody it. After all, a number of alternative scenarios would have been conceivable, for example Peter Parker working only in SSU and/or taking on another Spider-Man in the MCU. Holland made his own real-life movie debut by Miles Morales, which fans have wanted for years and which is certainly still possible despite the good news of Peter Parker’s version.

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Accordingly, there are of course still some question marks about the exact future of Spider-Man. Will he switch between MCU and SSU regularly? A solo adventure in the MCU, the films bring together Venom and Co. in ssu? In theory, it’s still conceivable, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige finally announced at the time, when a deal renewal between Disney and Sony was revealed, that Spider-Man had the superpower to switch between superhero universes. after End of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” It seems that he is faced with this choice “Spider-Man 4” But it became unlikely.

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