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Spring Museum – “A Word for…” – a new exhibition at Bad Erlach Hackerhaus

Spring Museum – “A Word for…” – a new exhibition at Bad Erlach Hackerhaus

Museum Director Brigitte Tauschner

Jacob Vigel

KKeyboard keys or nails? Just a head or a whole person? Teresa Hunyadi's wood and ceramic sculptures can be interpreted in many ways.

Artist Teresa Hunyadi has studied in Japan and Austria, and currently lives in the Netherlands and teaches part-time in Scotland. Cultural diversity is also reflected in their exhibition “A Word for…”

“She works with sculptures made of wood and ceramics, and her works can be interpreted in different ways and make you think. The content of the works fits perfectly into our home,” says Brigitte Tauschner, director of the museum. Another unique feature is that all objects can also be attacked. “We offer Also tours for people with visual impairments or dementia.”

Two wood carving workshops will also be offered as part of the exhibition – the first has already taken place and the second will take place on June 22. “It was fun to see how different generations tried to carve birds from branches,” says Tauschner happily. Anyone wishing to admire the sculptures themselves has until June 30 to do so. It is open every Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm, on public holidays and upon request at [email protected].

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