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Charlotte Casiraghi: Surprising friendship with a Hollywood star!

Charlotte Casiraghi: Surprising friendship with a Hollywood star!

to get to know? Charlotte Casiraghi is a friend of a Hollywood actress. The two – along with Chanel – are united by a common love.

It is an extraordinary friendship that has so far received little attention: Charlotte Casiraghi (35) and Keira Knightley They (35) have more in common than being “only” ambassadors for Chanel. It is the love of literature that makes the hearts of two women beat faster. Now Monaco andPirates of the Caribbean-star each other for philosophizing about fashion, toddlers, and Virginia Woolf.

What a group! You can enjoy the luxurious shoes by Charlotte Casiraghi in the video above.

Keira Knightley visits the exclusive Charlotte Casiraghi Literary Club

The meeting took place between the two friends at Somerset House, where they exchanged ideas as part of Casiraghi’s exclusive book club series “Les Rendez-vous litt√©raires”. It is the fourth edition of the series, this time dedicated to Virginia Woolf. In addition to literature, other topics were discussed – such as life with young children.

This appearance is rare: at the Chanel dinner in Cannes, Charlotte Casiraghi appeared with her husband Dimitri. You can see the performance of the two and the stunning dress of Monaco in the following video!

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The second son of Charlotte Casiraghi from the relationship Dimitri Painter (39) Born on October 23, 2018, the second daughter and husband of Keira Knightley James Rayton (38) born in September 2019.

Strong and Beautiful: Keira Knightley and Charlotte Casiraghi vs Chanel

While Keira Knightley has been a Chanel product since 2007 The Spring-Summer 2021 Ready-to-Wear collection was the first campaign that Charlotte Casiraghi gave her face. Why not earlier, as many believe, is a daughter Caroline Hanover (64) has always been a style icon. And one more thing connects friends: Monaco and the British are known for them To firmly represent opinions in public.

Fans are certain: ‘Intelligence and beautiful women by nature are rare’

Readers of “”, who have been fondly commenting on the British tabloid Instagram post, are also excited about its glamor, wit and beauty. Affirmations can be read such as “Intelligent – and two of the greatest beauties of our time. Very cool” and “Both are very beautiful.” One user says what many think: “I love it. Intelligence and beautiful women rarely come naturally these days. I’m sick of Hollywood types.”

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