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Mark Harmon: Bye to NCIS after 19 seasons

Mark Harmon: Bye to NCIS after 19 seasons

Back to Alaska

But as we now know, Gibbs escaped all danger unharmed and bid farewell to teammate Tim McGee (Sean Murray) with the words: “I’m not going back, Tim… I’m not going home.”

In this latest episode, he and his colleagues solve a case involving a contract killer hired by a company to force the construction of an environmentally polluting copper mine. After chasing this criminal, Gibbs wants to stay in Alaska and retreat to a remote area somewhere.

Possible return?

NCIS viewer Steve Bendet commented on the retreat in the current situation “As an executive producer and a good friend, Mark will continue his role as a major contributor to making the series. As for Gibbs’ future, long-term fans will agree with me when I say: Never write off Leroy Jethro Gibbs.”

It looks like Gibbs may then decide to return in Season 29 after getting tired of the Alaskan wilderness.

On many occasions, Gibbs has proven to be a true Superman who can’t be quickly brought down by anything, as this awesome memory video shows:

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