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Chart: America is a pioneer in climate technology

Chart: America is a pioneer in climate technology

The field of climate technologies includes, for example, solutions to combat global climate change or sustainable business models. As the effects of global warming become more visible in many places, there is increasing interest in investing in technologies that are effective on the way to the goal of net-zero emissions. With data such as Statista graphic HolonIQ Venture capital investments in climate technology have increased significantly since 2019. Globally this increase is about 400 percent.

The US is particularly a driver of innovation – in 2022, around US$28.6 billion was invested in early-stage companies or startups from the US. European investors invested about $17.9 billion in climate technologies last year, while China invested about $10.7 billion.

Mobility and transportation continue to be areas of high investment. Primarily focused on electromobility and vehicles with low greenhouse gas emissions. Innovative financing is key to the development of climate technologies. Billions worth of investment funds are increasingly being channeled into climate technologies and projects.

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