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Datacolor introduces the Spyder X2 Elite and Spyder X2 Ultra |  technology

Datacolor introduces the Spyder X2 Elite and Spyder X2 Ultra | technology

With the Spyder X2 Elite and Spyder X2 Ultra, color management specialist Datacolor introduces a new generation of monitor calibrators with improved sensor performance and revised software. While the Spyder X2 Elite is aimed at photographers, graphic designers, videographers, content creators, and AV professionals, the Spyder X 2 Ultra is also designed to meet the needs of video producers and filmmakers who use ultra-bright displays.

The improved sensor performance in the Spyder X2 Ultra allows monitors to be calibrated at a very high luminance of up to 2000 cd/m² (candles) and is therefore ideal for photo, video and hybrid applications as well as for displaying HDR / high-brightness content on monitors connected to a computer.

The X2 Series’ redesigned software user interface provides clearer, more intuitive handling for both the X2 Elite and X2 Ultra. Those new to calibration can do so using existing calibration presets, while professionals can take advantage of the X2 Elite and X2 Ultra’s advanced calibration features. It includes video and cinema targets (Rec.709, Rec.2020), advanced display analysis and mapping functions, unlimited calibration settings, and a Studio Match function for matching multiple monitors.

Users who just want to purchase a brighter display later can purchase a cheap upgrade to the Spyder X2 Ultra via software without having to purchase new hardware.

In the Datacolor Online Store, at select retail partners and on Amazon, it’s the Spyder X2 Elite now for 279 euros and The Spyder X2 Ultra is available for 329 euros. For more information, visit Spyder X2 website.