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Jewels from Metnitztal -

Jewels from Metnitztal –

Susan Begremovsky grew up in the Mtnitz Valley. Here she and her husband Werner, from Vienna, spent many weekends and holidays. Now the two daughters are grown up and the parents decided to return to Metnitztal and work here.


Married to Permovsky

Closed business in Vienna

According to Susan Begremovsky, the decision to abandon the jewelry store in Graben after decades of living and working here was a shared one: “In the final section, we simply asked ourselves, Do we want that bike you have in the city again? Then we said no, we’ll go back to Metnitz.”

Werner Pejrimovsky at work


Werner Begremovsky

Werner Pejrimovsky added that they both believed that one had to go back to the original ideas to reduce and take things back. They added a studio to Susanna’s parents’ home. It was recently completed and now the individual handcrafted pieces are displayed and sold here. You can also watch the jeweler in action.

workplace with a purpose


Workplace with a view of the countryside

Susanna has always loved to draw and design jewelry pieces. Werner is fully immersed in the art of crafting and executing. There are now more than 2,000 individual parts especially for customers all over the world.

Pearl necklace and bracelet


pearl jewelry

“Wide range for different clients”

The two continue to inspire each other and receive numerous government awards, “Goldsmiths of the Year” and other awards for their extraordinary creations, says Werner Begremovsky: “Some of us have very geometric shapes, some of us have animals covered with enamel. The range is very large, every client is different.” “

Susan Begremowski


Susan Begremowski: “We don’t want the bike anymore”

A popular philosophy, says Susan Begremovsky, is to create unique pieces of jewelry that not only last a generation, but can be admired for several generations and maybe even in a museum at some point. to cut.

Goldsmiths’ couple in Metnitz

Carinthia Today visits a goldsmiths couple in Metnitz. After more than 30 years in Vienna, Carinthia-born Susanna Begremovsky returns home to live and work here. Together with her husband, who is also a jeweler, they have received several national awards and prizes for their handmade pieces of jewelry.

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