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China operates third aircraft carrier Fujian

China operates third aircraft carrier Fujian


June 17, 2022 – 1:34 p.m. See

China has commissioned its third aircraft carrier. Amid tensions with the United States over China’s claims in Taiwan and the South China Sea, Fujian launched on Friday, state media reports said.

Tensions with the United States over Taiwan are growing

Designed by the People’s Republic, the ship has an air catapult system. With its third aircraft carrier, China has overtaken Great Britain, where it can park two such ships. The United States alone is best equipped with eleven aircraft carriers. The Russian Navy has an aircraft carrier called “Admiral Kuznetsov” which is not currently available for repair.

The Chinese warship was named Fujian, a coastal province off the island of Taiwan separated by a narrow strait and having a Chinese naval base. China claims Taiwan as its own territory. The United States supports the Taiwanese government, which has repeatedly caused tensions. The two major powers have recently shown their presence in the South China Sea.

China also claims 90 percent of the resource-rich water that Vietnam, Taiwan and the Philippines see under their sovereignty. According to its own reports, the U.S. Navy continues to be stationed there to enforce the freedom of sea lanes. (rts / aze)

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