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Why the Newcon founder wants to set up his conference tool in the United States

Newcon collects hundreds of important notes from technology conferences in its database. Founder Cephas Ndubueze has been coming up with the idea for many years. But he has not gone far in Germany, he says.

After VCs signals and future VC positions, Cephas founded Ndubueze in early 2021.

After VCs signals and future VC positions, Cephas founded Ndubueze in early 2021.

Technology conferences tend to attract two groups: those who want to consume content and those who want to network. Cephas Ndubueze, as he explains, belongs to the first group. Because tickets to all the events were so expensive for him, he often volunteered there as a student. What he noticed was that the organizers did not have enough resources to record each slot and make it available afterwards. Ndubueze thought of a business model for this, but quickly realized that recording videos around the world was immeasurable.

A few years later, after Ndubueze’s experience in various VCs, he came up with his idea again – albeit with a new concept. This is how Newcon came to be at the beginning of last year. “Many organizers record panels, but do not know what to do with the content and how to monetize this professional knowledge,” the 29-year-old told Gründerszene. A positive example is the tech magazine TechCrunch, which rebrands its annual conference panel discussions on its website for premium customers.

Sequoia and Wefox keywords are open to everyone

Newcon also wants to be such a payroll for video recordings. Comment: Event organizers upload their content to the Newcon operating system and share clips with all participants. According to Ndubueze, every tenth person clicks on the link provided in the email. After recording, you can view clips of other events. For example, the team Wefox founder Julian DeKay A key note from Alfred Lynn, Sequoia’s partner at the inaugural summit of the regulation. There are currently about 700 entries in the database.

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This service is free for content owners, ie event hosts, and visitors will not pay anything. However, if the organizers want to access the application data, it will cost money. Startup, for example, provides beginners with information about which videos are being used by which individuals. In this way, they will learn more about which key points and topics are particularly needed. If you want to monetize videos, for example, to make them available after the tariff, Newcon is demanding a revenue share.

“It’s not easy for a less representative founder”

For his business model, the Berlin founder collected the amount of “mid-six-figures” in a fishing round in February. Almost half a year after the platform was launched. There were investors from funds like Lightspeed Venture Partners and Honeypot founder Emma Tracy. The company behind it did not register Ndubueze as part of the round in Berlin, but in the United States.

“A This is not easy for individual founders who are less represented in GermanyThe 29-year-old explains his decision. Ndubuze has many friends in the German opening scene who are from the white majority community and know their stories. , Newcon boss says it should have proven to work in a way that convinces investors. “I wanted to test the operations first, and would have sent my bitch deck instead of going live immediately.” In Ndubueze’s experience, minority founders also get small investments in bad circumstances.

That is why he decided to go to America. His six employees are still in Berlin, but the founder of Newcon in the Middle Ages wants to set up his team in New York and may even move to the United States. He sees the future for his startup there, not in Germany.

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