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Chinese supersonic drones as new means of force against US

Chinese supersonic drones as new means of force against US

Leaked US intelligence documents indicate Beijing has deployed large, three-pronged WZ-8 missiles at an air base. They were delivered for the first time in 2019 and are now ready for immediate use. Such fast drones are rare. The template may come from the US.

At an air base in the eastern Chinese province of Anhui, a new unit practically unique in the world may be ready for action or already active: one of the US military documents recently made public on the course. A data leak on online platform Discord shows satellite photos of large triangular WZ-8 supersonic drones at the Liuan base. Currently, as far as we know, there are no such fast drones anywhere else.

The paper is dated mid-January and was recently featured by the Washington Post (WP). In addition to the photos, there are maps and text with information about the missiles, which actually appeared for the first time at a parade in Beijing in 2019. Accordingly, earlier assumptions that the drones would be launched from Jian H-6 bombers have been confirmed. The altitude of the aircraft should be up to 30 km, the speed should be Mach 3, which is more than 3300 km per hour. You can see hypothetical trajectories taking wide arcs over the Korean Peninsula or Taiwan, carrying cameras and ground radar as payloads, but not weapons.

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