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Christina Drechler: The actress passed away at the age of 41

Christina Drechler: The actress passed away at the age of 41

It’s sad news that actor Sabine Tambria shared with his Instagram followers. With a series of photos and loving words, he bids farewell to fellow actress Christina Drechsler. He writes: “Oh, Christina. You have enchanted many with your gentle spirit. With your relentless bad game. Your abandonment of yourself for the unattainable, which we all seek so long as our wings are not yet cut by the truth. Your wings have kept you to the end, May they carry you in your journey as gently as you were May has impressed us, with its unforgettably irreverent stage moments.
Christina Drechler 1982-2023″.

Christina Drechsler has acted in numerous film and television formats

Christina Drechsler was born in Berlin in 1982 and was already in front of the camera as a teenager in the RTLZwei format “All together, all for themselves”. You can also see yourself in “Call the Police 110”, “In All Friendship” and “Stromberg”. She was nominated for a German Film Prize for her role in Invisible. Recently, she has been increasingly involved in plays, including roles in “Der Sandman”. It was said that the actress passed away at the age of 41.

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