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Martin Grubinger said goodbye in Salzburg

Martin Grubinger said goodbye in Salzburg


Multi-percussionist Martin Grubinger gave what was surely his last concert in his hometown of Salzburg on Saturday evening at a sold-out Grand Festival Hall. At just 40 years old, the musician ended a career in which he made music history.

Martin Grubinger’s ‘Last Concert’ was a wonderful evening and thus a fitting farewell in the Grand Festival Hall. He explained on Saturday that the decision to leave concert halls at the age of 40 was not a spontaneous whim, but a long-planned and announced decision: it was not only a very great challenge on a mental level, but also a physical drain of strength. In a theatrical conversation with his friend, ZIB-2 presenter Armin Wolf.

The program was diverse and ranged from Colombian musician Camilo and Astor Piazzolla – a stunning “Libertango” – and Sting to a work by his father and mentor Martin Grubinger Sr., known as “The Boss” for short because of the similarity in name. The president also directed the approximately 20-member Percussive Planet Ensemble, some of whose musicians have accompanied Grubinger for more than 20 years. Accuracy at the highest level.

“The concert in Salzburg was a special event.”

There will be another show in Graz on Monday evening, but that’s it – there won’t be another concert with him as solo percussionist. “It’s actually a farewell in instalments. A few months ago I turned 40. And now I did a favor for some friends and said, ‘Okay, we have to play one last concert here or there.’ “The concert in Salzburg was definitely the highlight,” Grubinger said after the concert. “.

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Farewell to the stage is also a farewell to his band. “At this moment I feel something like emptiness. Because this was Martin’s last hit, and after so many years,” said Rainer Furtherner, percussionist and long-time band member, somewhat sadly. “I had ten years to prepare because I knew that today It will be Martin’s last concert in Salzburg. “That’s why it wasn’t that radical for me,” said Martin Grubinger’s father, Martin Grubinger Sr., a composer and bandleader.

He continues as a professor at the Mozarteum

Martin Grubinger remains a professor at the Mozarteum and wants to start studying history in Munich. “I just want to enjoy this moment with my family, not having to do rehearsal for the next hour, not having to travel somewhere, not having to urgently rehearse work.”

At the end of his farewell concert, Martin Grubinger also sang Fendrich’s song “I’m from Austria”…

Martin Grubinger says goodbye

Percussionist Martin Grubinger from Thalgau – a world star in his field – bids farewell to the stage at only 40 years old.